Windows Phone App Submissions from the MSFT DVLUP New App Challenge

Syncfusion was excited to participate in the Microsoft DVLUP Developer Challenge in October 2014. We got some cool submissions of Windows Phone apps written using our unique Excel, Word and PDF file format manipulation libraries for Windows Phone. These developers also had access to over 30 controls, including our fast grid and stunning chart. We wanted to highlight a few apps that caught our attention. These apps appeal to a wide audience ranging from book lovers and health enthusiasts to borrowers and golfers.

If you are an avid reader, you might want to try The BookShelf app or the BookTracker app. The BookShelf allows a reader to save their list of books in an Excel-like table for an easy overview. The BookTracker app allows you to rate the books that you have read and keep a list of ones that you would like to read.


BookShelf app table per book


BookTracker App book listing

The Simple Weight Tracker allows you to track your progress in a list view, graph view, and pie chart:


Simple Weight Tracker’s different views of progress

If you are interested in obtaining a loan, the PocketEMICalculator can help you calculate the equated monthly installment.


PocketEMICalculator Excel Formatted List View

For golfers, the Golf Scores app helps you store and track your golf round scores and lets you export them to Excel.


Golf Scores app’s Grid View of data

If you’d like to check out our Windows Phone controls, download a free evaluation or redeem your reward points for a free license in the MSFT DVLUP Rewards Catalog.


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