Sneak Peek at the new Essential UI Kit for Xamarin.Forms

If you are looking for ways to reduce the time you spent on developing sophisticated UIs in Xamarin.Forms, there is some good news for you – we are planning to release a major update to our Xamain.Forms UI kit soon. While we are still working on providing the finishing touches to the product, we would like to share a quick overview of what will be included in the upcoming release.

We had shipped four reusable login screens in the first release of the UI kit but we got some great feedback from the community to include a lot more screens. This has motivated us to add more than 35 screens across several categories like articles, onboarding, chat, ecommerce, and much more.

Here is just a small sample of the screens that you can expect to see in the release that is scheduled for next week.ECommerce page in UI Kit


Article page in UI KitArticle

Chat page in UI KitChat

About Us page in UI KitAbout Us

Feedback page in UI KitFeedback

Error page in UI KitError

For all three platforms—Android, iOS, and UWP—each screen was carefully tested, and the layouts were optimized to deliver the greatest possible performance.

Keep reading to find out what other incredible features are going to be included in Essential UI Kit in this release.

Easier integration

This release will include the Visual Studio item template with the default Add New item dialog. If you feel that adding more than one screen, or all screens in a category, at a time is too hard, then this feature is for you.Add New Item Dialog

Add New Item Dialog

We strongly believe being able to add a screen whenever you need to is as important as the quality of the screen. This Visual Studio extension is specially designed for adding the screens you want. You can choose all the screens from a category, only a few screens from a single category, or screens from multiple categories.

Demos and source

The complete source code for Essential UI Kit for Xamarin.Forms will be published in GitHub by next week. We will also publish a demo app in Play Store to make it easier for you to review all the screens. Once it is publicly available, look at it, explore it and use it in your application.


As stated, this release will include more than 35 templates so that you can build a UI for any common mobile app scenario. If the screen you need isn’t in the kit, don’t worry, it will be added soon. Just tell us what you want via our feedback portal.

Stay tuned to our official Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages for the announcement of the release.

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