Copying and Pasting Excel Sheet Data to Grid ASP.NET MVC

As a member of the Grid ASP.NET MVC team, I discovered a cross-browser way to access data pasted in an HTML <div> element. I was wondering whether this could be replicated in our Syncfusion grid control to paste data from Excel, and gave it a try. It actually works!

The following procedure illustrates how to perform this operation in the grid control.

Essential Grid – Settings        

For the purpose of this demo, I have used a simple grid configuration. The following code example illustrates how to define the grid in the view page and controller.


public ActionResult Index()
return View();
// Passing Data to View.
public JsonResult GetData()
IEnumerable data = EmployeeRepository.GetEmployees();
return Json(data, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);
public JsonResult Index(string pastedData)
if (pastedData != null)
// Parsing pasted data to Actual type.
var parsed = (List)new JavaScriptSerializer().Deserialize(pastedData, typeof(List));
// Updating the Database.
// Getting data from repository.
var data = EmployeeRepository.GetEmployees().ToList();
return Json(data, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);

Converting Pasted Data to JSON

The HTML markup and jQuery scripts play a vital role in getting clipboard Excel information and converting it to JSON. Also, for this purpose, I have written the jquery.pastable.js file in the jQuery plug-in style.

Note: The jquery.pastable.js file is attached with the sample at the end of this post.

The final script and HTML markup are as follows.  


Paste your Excel data here: 


$(document).ready(function ()
// Binding the paste-able jQuery plug-in.
OnPasteComplete: function (data) {
var jsonData = [];
// Ensuring the pasted information is Excel data or HTML table data.
if (data instanceOf Object) {
for (i = 0; i < data.length; i++) {
url: "/Home/Index"
type: "POST",
data: { pastedData: JSON.stringify(jsonData) },
success: function (gridData) {
// Acquiring grid object and updating data source.
var gridObj = $("#Grid").data("ejGrid");

The output appears as follows.

Excel Data

Before pasting.

After pasting.

As seen here, the client-side and server-side libraries of Essential Grid for ASP.NET MVC are flexible and can be used for all programming needs of yours.

You can also download a sample on this here.

Content Contributors: Bharath M; Alan Sangeeth S Content Editor: GeeGee Inekeya

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Comments (6)

This is so cool, thanks!

is it also possible to bind dynamic columns. Like I don’t know the exact excel file structure as user can select any excel file to import into grid. In above sample, Columns are fixed. but in real scenario it is possible that columns are dynamic. so is this possible?

Hi San,
Thank you for your interest in Syncfusion products. Please create an incident in our Direct-Trac support system to help us provide you full support to resolve your query. You can access our Direct-Trac support system by using the following link:…/Logon

This is great – is this possible with Asp.Net?

Hi Sanj,

Yes we can achieve the same behavior in ASP.Net Webform Grid also. The new Asp.Net Webform Grid control(ASP.Net wrapper of JS Grid) will be included in our upcoming Volume 2, 2014 release. We will share the sample once our Volume 2, 2014 release is rolled out.

Is it possible to do this with the grid in the JavaScript product?

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